What Class should I pick?

  • STEAM Club(Ages 6-13 Years of age)- If your child is new to STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) education and they want to explore what C3DAR Lab has to offer this is the perfect starting class/Club. Classes run in 8 week sessions. Students can explore each of Coding, 3D printing, Design, AR/VR and Robotics(C3DAR). No Previous experience is needed. We will adjust activities based on the age groups enrolled. There may be 2 projects running at the same time.
  • Art Club(Ages 6-13 Years of age)- Does your child enjoy art? The Art Club is perfect. Students will use their imagination to create different art pieces weekly. Each week we will be exploring different material(medium), concepts or themes. The club will allow artists to explore their creativity.  
  • INTRO to Coding (Ages 6-13) - If your child has shown an interest in coding this is the class for them. They will using coding to create their own projects that they can be proud of. 
  • Coding & Engineering(9-13) -  Students will create their own projects using Micro:bits and other microcontrollers. Students can be challenged to make their own watering machine, goal tracker, robot and more. This class is meant for a student that has taken our STEAM Club, Coding or one of the Micro-bit classes before. If your student has coded previously, please contact us to find out which level they should be places
  • Coding with Minecraft - This class is great for the student who loves Minecraft and wants to learn or expand their coding. We using Minecraft Education to learn how to program the robot to build things for you. You could program it to make a house, aquarium and so much more
  • 3D Printing - Students will be taught an introduction of 3D Design, and how 3D printed items can be used in the world around them. They will also be challenged to create their own items that may be 3D Printed. (Coins, Cars, Teddy Bears, etc).
  • VR and AR Spaces - Students will learn and explore with Augmented and Virtually Reality spaces. They will be taught differences, and how to create their own. They will have get a chance to use both. 
  • Media Club - This is for older youth who want to learn media techniques. They will be taught concepts such as Video Production, Podcasting, Animation, Sound Production and Photography. No equipment is needed for this class. 

We are always growing our programs, if you would like more information on our classes, please contact us. 

Your child/student does not need to bring any additional supplies to our programs. we supply all the technology, and art/media supplies that are needed.