What is CALS?

C3DAR Alternative Learning School (CALS) is a separate entity from C3DAR Lab where the goal is to allow students to learn with their strengths, build lasting experiences, hone skills, and continue to build and grow everyday knowledge for success in the 21st Century. School and learning isn't just in a book and classroom anymore, it is everywhere you explore.

At C3DAR Alternative Learning School we look at ways to move learning to where students can explore and experience new concepts and ideas. Learning doesn't always need to be in a text book, it can be done with experiential activities, purposeful field trips, and in a way that reflects the real-world.

All learning will be in line with the Ontario Curriculum expectations as set out by the province. For students of CALS, many of these expectations will be met through relevant activities that have real-world application.

CALS students will experience activities through 1 to 1 technology (students can bring their own, or be assigned a device of their own for use at school). Students will be encouraged to work on group projects and work collectively to reach goals. Students will be held accountable for their learning and build personal management systems to reach their personal goals and expectations, along with those in the class.

CALS wants to break from the traditional mold of education. The future of a 21st century learner is not to get ready to work in a factory, but to work for organizations that now require team work, problem solving, mutual respect, personal management, respect, and tech savviness. In our eyes, public education today needs a major overhaul to meet todays working expectations.

Please contact us at info@c3darschool.ca for more information. 

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