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We are an all year round STEAM Facility that offers Summer STEAM Camps. We offer a  STEM Camp, with an addition of Art - "STEAM".  Our Brantford Summer Camp in the 2022 year will have 2 age groups - 4-6 year olds(LiL STEAMers) & 7 years old. Please contact us if you would like additional information. 

Themes:  This years camp will have both hands-on experiments and computer based STEAM activities in our 4,200 square foot facility. Campers will have a balanced day of outside play, lab Exploration Time, and many science and technology activities for them to experience and explore.  We will have some Technology exploration in there too. 

  • Week 1 - Light and Sound - Campers will explore light and sound in the world around them. Campers will learn and experiment with light by building their own laser light show. They will explore how light can not only be a constant but also be bent. With sound, campers will experience the power of sound and create many different projects including building and coding their own sound generator.
  • Week 2 - Nature & Ecosystems -  Campers will explore what is growing around them every single day, about our local biodiversity, and the effect we have on these ecosystems. Campers will experiment with growing their own plants and how they work, and also see how plants are broken down with their own mold experiment. Campers will explore how plants are structured through microscopes, how weather is important to many ecosystems, and where our weather comes from. Campers will also learn and experiment with how to build and code their own automatic watering system so they never forget to water their plants.
  • Week 3 - Forces, Form & Function - Campers will explore the world of Forces. Students will gain an understanding of the importance of properly constructed bridges and what forces can effect them. Students will be engaged in hands-on activities that will show how pulleys and other simple machines are used in every day life. Campers will experiment with how form and function can effect the abilities of a created object, such as water bottle rockets. 
  • Week 4 - Chemical Reactions & Harnessing Energy - Campers will experience and learn about many different kinds of chemical reactions and how they are important to the many everyday things we use. Campers will be challenged to think "what if?..." and see how experiments will change their understanding of everyday chemical science.
  • Week 5 - STEAM Challenge - Campers will be challenged to work in teams to solve various STEAM challenges. Campers will be asked to build, code, experiment, and enjoy working with others on many different challenges and puzzles.
  • Week 6 - Robotics & Coding - Campers will learn the fundamentals of building and coding for Robotics. Campers will be challenge to solve practical real-world problems that robots already take care of every day. Whether it be racing, moving, building, or just getting around, Campers will be the engineers of their own creations.
  • Week 7 - Design Week - Campers can be excited about designing and creating with various mediums within C3DAR Lab. Whether it is creating different laser designed products, designing their own 3D printed coin, Minecraft Builds, or even creating their own t-shirts. Campers will learn that the design principles can be used for any design challenge.
  • Week 8 - Animation & VR - In this week, Campers will learn about the fundamentals of Stop Motion animation, how green screen works, build Virtual Reality (VR) Spaces, and how to code these spaces. With these tools Campers will be able to make their ideas into a reality of its own.

Students are asked to bring their own nut-free snacks and lunch.

Location: Please note that the summer camp will be located at 125  Sherwood Drive, Unit 35 Brantford Ontario

Price: $225/week The price of camp includes, a Camp T-shirt and all supplies/materials for STEAM projects. All technology is provided for students.  Students will have projects that are brought home each week. We are offering a 5% discount on multiple weeks booked of camp. All discounts are automatically applied at checkout. 

Camp Time:  8:30-4:30 PM. 

Before Care: Time: 7:30am - 8:30am Fee: $30 per week 

After Care: Time: 4:30pm - 6:00pm Fee: $30 per week

Before and After - $50 per week

**Please contact us for any before after care as this is billed separately**

**An additional charge of $10.00 will be applied to parents that are early dropping off or late picking up campers each day, that is not arranged beforehand**

We are an all year round STEAM Program that offers a Summer STEAM Camp, or a Summer STEM Camp for short.