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Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

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C3DAR Lab Birthday Parties, give an opportunity for your children to learn, have fun while exploring different STEAM Concepts and celebrating their birthday. 

Parties Themes are as follows:

  • Minecraft - Spend the Hour playing Minecraft with your friends
  • All things Slime - Spend the Hour making  slime. Bonus, the mess stays here. 
  • Ultimate Gaming Package - Spend the hour playing various games with your friends. We will have multiple consoles set up - PS5, Xbox One, and Switch.
  • Gaming + VR (11+) - Spend the hour playing VR* and other video games
  • VR Only(12+) - Spend the hour playing VR Games - some popular games available will be Beat Sabre, Job simulator and more. 
  • Lego Party - Spend the hour using our Lego Robotics and have a lego challenge. We always will keep our 4x8 Lego Table out. 
  • AR Party - Build your own Augmented Reality Space. This is the perfect opportunity to see how the AR world works and get a chance to build your own. AR is used in games such as Pokemon Go. 

Party Package - Include:

  • 2 Hour use of C3DAR Lab
    • 1 Hour of Activities lead by C3DAR Lab.
    • Hour 2 is for pizza, cake, presents, etc. (Parent ran)
  • 1 - 24 Slice Party Pizza
    • When there are more then 14 participants a second Party Pizza will be ordered. (No additional cost)
    • Each additional pizza is $30 + HST.  
  • Theatre Style Popcorn
  • Up to 10 Participants  + $16/additional child. 
  • **Plates, cutlery, napkins and are not provided. They can be purchased at an additional cost. 
  • *To spend some time using VR - child needs to be 11 years of age. 
  • **VR Only parties - participants must be 13 years old to use the full Hour for VR. 

**Please note, C3DAR Lab is a maker-space for Children/Youth to learn about Science and Technology. Unfortunately, we don't have the space for multiple parents to stay and observe during the party time. Please contact us for more details. 

**During the Party time your group will be the only one that is in C3DAR Lab. We will have staff who will be there for support during the 2nd hour of the party.  At the end of the party we take care of the clean up. 


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