C3DAR LAB - STEAM Education in Brantford

About Us

What is C3DAR LAB - C3DAR Lab (sē-dər) is a STEAM LAB for kids ages 7-14. Our name is an acronym that means Coding, 3D printing, Design, AR/VR and Robotics which are only some of the many classes we offer.

C3DAR LAB offers 4 separate services. We offer educational programming, produce custom products, offer After School STEM Club starting in September, and Birthday Parties with different themes.  Our educational programs consist of STEAM based classes, tutoring and professional development classes for educators.  Our C3DAR Store provides custom made items that are laser engraved and cut, 3D printed, or made with vinyl. The After School Club will meet kids at the bus stop at our facility and offer after school care with STEM activities. Additionally we will be offering Video Game, VR, Mad Scientist, or Photo Shoot Birthday Parties. 

C3DAR Lab is owned and operated by Carolyn and Jonathan Cowper. Jonathan holds a Honors Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, Bachelor of Education, OCT certified, and an active teacher with Grand Erie District School Board when he is not volunteering at the lab.  Before becoming a teacher, Jonathan gained experience and education in professional photography, along with film and television production. Jonathan's role at C3DAR Lab is curriculum building, teaching, and camp manager/teacher.  

In his spare time he enjoys researching different technologies (especially how we can use Raspberry Pi's around the lab), Sciences, 3D Printing, media production, and gaming. 

Carolyn has her Bachelor of General Studies, and has a Diploma in Accounting. She has also taken courses in programming and photography. She has always had a passion for Computer Sciences, and loves exploring the world of science and technology and how it can be used responsibly. Carolyn's role at C3DAR Lab is being responsible for all our custom made products and design sales. She is also the main lady to talk to about scheduling and program sign-ups. In Carolyn's spare time she is always trying to fix what she breaks around the lab (note to everyone: sanded wood dust does not make 3D Printers work well. She has corrected this problem).