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Engineering with LEGO® Education 7 - 14 Years Old

Engineering with LEGO® Education 7 - 14 Years Old

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This course introduces engineering concepts using Lego bricks and Lego Education motors. Students engage in building various structures, machines, and models, learning basic engineering principles through hands-on activities.

Our Engineering with LEGO® Education course will give students a chance to combine Lego, easy-to-use hardware and Drag and Drop coding to create a wide range of activities. 

Using the LEGO® Education kits, students will build confidence that will allow them to learn the basics of programming and robotics. 

For our older students, we will be exploring LEGO Mindstorms Inventor that will uses a code that is based on Scratch and Python and has the ability to program many different robotics.  

Students can continue to take this course as we will be tracking what projects they do/complete. This Class is different the the Lego Team. 

Lego is 7+ , Class is 1 times a week for 8 weeks. 

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