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Field Trip - LiL' STEAMers Exploring Chemical Reactions

Field Trip - LiL' STEAMers Exploring Chemical Reactions

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Suggested Grades: Kindergarten

Suggested Time: 3 Hours 

Class of: 25 students (email for pricing of larger groups)

Students will learn and explore:

- Safe use of household chemicals (ex. vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice)

- Learning about our 5 senses and using them to describe a chemical reaction

- Learning some reactions are different then others, and produce different results

- Learning that some reactions produce energy in various ways.


Activities will include:

- Frozen Reactions (baking soda and vinegar)

- DIY Lava Lamps (water, oil, food coloring)

- Magic Milk (milk, food coloring, dish soap)

- Water Color Factory (Water, Food Coloring)

- Coin Cleaning Best Results (vinegar, tomato juice, lemon juice, coke)

- Coke Fountain (Coke and Mentos)


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