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Designing VR Spaces - Ages 10-14 Years old

Designing VR Spaces - Ages 10-14 Years old

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This course series immerses students in the creation of captivating virtual reality environments. Through these levels, participants explore the art of crafting immersive 3D worlds, learning how to build scenes, incorporate various elements, textures, and introduce basic interactions.

Level 1 introduces fundamental tools for VR space creation. In Level 2, students advance their skills, mastering techniques for animation, interactivity, and the development of more intricate AR/VR experiences. Level 3 challenges experienced learners to create complex interactive games, simulations, or narratives within the VR landscape.

Designing VR Spaces (10-14 Years) - Expert: Tailored for those who have mastered foundational VR design, this expert-level course delves into advanced features and techniques. Students explore sophisticated scripting, intricate interactions, physics simulations, and multimedia integration. This level aims to hone students' abilities to develop cutting-edge VR experiences, showcasing their expertise in creating highly immersive virtual environments.


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