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Micro:Bit Coding Challenge Series

Micro:Bit Coding Challenge Series

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*** PARENTS PLEASE NOTE*** This is a competition based series that individual challengers will complete tasks and earn points. Challengers that have completed challenges successfully, and been scored, will be on a leader board that is updated weekly.

During this 8 week series, challengers will be given various challenges to complete each week. They will be asked to program a micro:bit or micro:bits to complete various tasks or programs, and earn points for each completed tasks. Challengers will also earn points for perseverance and professionalism while competing in each leg of the series.

Each challenge time will be 90 minutes, and will be every Wednesday starting on January 10th, 2024 and ending Wednesday March 27th, 2024. Sessions are from 6:00PM to 7:30PM.

This competition is open to ages up to 14 years of age.

Challenge series competitors must:

- Be able to work independently.

- Have a firm understanding of Micro:bits and coding with either Code Blocks or Python.

- Understand that this is a competition, and not a class (judges will not be able to help).

- Understand that challenges must be completed in the time given, with the materials supplied, and within the parameters given for each unique challenge.

- Understand each weeks challenge is kept secret until the time of competition. No competitor is allowed to know ahead of time the challenge task. 

- Understand all challengers are to complete challenges with their own work. Any challenger caught copying ideas, copying work from other competitors, or outside sources will be disqualified from that weeks challenge. If a challenger is found for a second time to be copying work, they will be disqualified from the competition.

- Understand no refund will be issued for disqualified challengers, or "right fit" challengers. Once the series begins, no refund requests will be accepted.

- Understand each Challenge Series will have a top 3 after the completion of each 8 week series. A final challenge series of champions will be hosted at C3DAR Lab, and those that are top 3 from each previous series will be invited to compete. Date is to be determined.

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