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Professional Workshop - Micro:bits for the Classroom

Professional Workshop - Micro:bits for the Classroom

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Workshop Date:

Introduction - October 14th, 2023 | SAT - 3:00PM - 5:00PM


Jonathan Cowper, HBASc BEd OCT


In this hands on workshop teachers will experience and learn what it would be like to teach with Micro:bits in their own classroom. Teachers will be encouraged to take concepts in this workshop and implement them in their own classrooms as a part of the Ontario Curriculum.

Teachers will:

- Learn the basics of inputs and outputs

- Learn what computer language is and what it does.

- Learn how to communicate with a micro-controller (Block Coding)

- Learn about Variables, IF THEN statements, Loops, and Randomizers

- Learn about the various sensors and transmitters on the Micro:bit

Teachers will be able to teach concepts of:

- Algebra

- Probability

- Sequencing

- Understanding detailed instruction (writing)

- Coding Instruction


Students will need their own Google, Microsoft account, or flash drive. Flash drives are available to purchase at C3DAR Lab.

This is not an officially sanctioned ETFO or OCT workshop. 

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